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Through August, I'm doing a run through on past vote incentives, changing them every Monday and Thursday. If you've never voted for me, now might be a good time to start *looks all starry eyed and winsome*.

I have two minds regarding vote incentives. One is: why should you need to vote for me? What does it accomplish?? I do this because I find it deeply satisfying, not for a popularity contest. You read it because it diverts you, not because you think my comic is the most awesome thing evur (and it ain't).

Two, however, says: Competition! GNAR! And you can't expect someone to do something as time consuming as click a button and NOT reward them for their efforts. Minor effort, minor reward, yezz, but by clicking, you ARE doing something nice for me (feeding my megalomanic tendencies) and so it would be downright rude of me not to give you something in exchange.

My head hurts. You decide. I won't thinl ill of you if you don't vote for me. (...but I may become your loveslave if you do.)

posted by Lichloved @ July 12th, 2007, 8:18 pm  -  0 Comments

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